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PINTURASKAR €“ TownHallTheatreGalway stucco. If that exists a eternal painting technique is the Madrid stucco, they will pass the fashions, the tendencies and the painting seasons but this technique combine with all of them reason why it is a safe election independent of the decoration that you have. This technique was created at the home of century XV in Venice and from that time it accompanies, it has spent through a process of adaptation throughout this time to us, but its essence continues being the same, that is elegance and resistance, imitating to the marble, its veins, their ranges of colors and that ethereal sensation that this natural stone offers.

Any atmosphere of the house is a good place to shine it but the best thing is than it is in zones as the hall, the entrance or the corridor, that is to say in social zones, thus when you have visits you can be conceited of her. By his impressive one finished it is possible to be thought that he is very complex to do it, but in fact is simple, for the Venetian stucco you only need painting, Water locking device, colouring, mini recortador roller, long roller, spatula, binds fine, wax for stucco, but most important it is the skill of that goes it to do, the best thing is than you contract a specialist in the matter, but you want to try it remembers that only the practice will help you to obtain perfect finishing.

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The Venetian Stucco was invented long ago, at the time of the Roman Empire. In that age they worked much with the marble and the rest of marble that remained were decided to grind to use the covering of the surfaces, thus imitating the polished marble. Apparently but the success has had the teachers of Venice, reason why stucco became well-known as (Venetian). This technology has improved and throughout the centuries and has arrived until us in a modified form something enough. Due to its exceptional typical Venetian stucco allows a limitless number of types of decorative effects, smooth and polished with different drawings. The ample gamma but of Madrid stucco the needs can make reality of any client. With the capacity that it has stucco can be created so much in the vertical surfaces as in horizontals some effects of polished marble, onyx, granite and other natural minerals.