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Madrid microconcrete

The smoothing microconcrete has become the fashionable material used in inner construction and decoration as exteriors. The advances in the material new construction equipments doubtless are surprising and every time they leave to the market of great quality. But even so the Madrid microconcrete is in height thanks to the advantages that contributes in construction and decoration. It is a material that more and more is gaining plus the preference of architects, decorators, constructors and by all means to the final client, the user. At this point probably you are asking yourself:

What is the Microconcrete?

Applicators of Microconcrete

It is a coating which is made up of a cementicia base of high quality which this mixed with polymers, fibers, aireadores, barren ultra-thin and accelerating. All this combined with a series of pigments of colors. The Madrid microconcrete emphasizes by its enormous capacity of adhesion to any surface.

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We realise Services of Microconcrete in Capital Madrid and Provinces

You look for Companies Microconcrete With Better Opinions?

As much the decorators as the constructors prefer the Madrid microconcrete by their quality, capacity of adhesion, versatility, texture, finished and its enormous capacity of combination with an extensive variety of materials. In addition the smoothing microconcrete owns two impressive capacities that are: Resistance to the water and resistance to high temperatures. We can use the microconcrete as much to realise a new project as renewing one already existing one. But it hopes, exist two qualities that the smoothing microconcrete provides to us €œwe saved money€ and €œwe saved long time€.

Microconcrete Smoothed For Bathrooms and Kitchens

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It renews your Company or Home with Smoothing Microconcrete

If you are thinking about changing the decoration of your house with economic TownHallTheatreGalway PINTURASKAR or making a reform without works and want something novel and modern and that more than one it is made an impression, the microconcrete smoothed for interiors, is you answer, a material that for a short time has caught the interest of interioristas, architects and people dedicated to the reforms. We have professionals of microconcrete with better highly qualified opinions and with experience in the application of this product, creating wonderful spaces, are highly resistant, can be applied in any atmosphere of the house. Also the polished cement can be applied so much in walls as in ground, it even can serve as worktop or the perfect frame that surrounds the bathtub, that is to say that has thousands of uses that of insurance will surprise the great possibilities to you that it has. Another economic form but is to paint bathroom tiles and cooks.

Characteristics of the Polished Microconcrete

Reforms Without Works With Microconcrete

The Madrid microconcrete has a thickness of 2 to 3mm which allows its easy application in spaces without needing retiring the existing surface. Its versatility as much allows its application in particular houses as in businesses. Its combination of different pigment types allows the creation us of thousands of colors. Now already you know because you must choose the microconcrete. You would save much money time at the same time as it give to a unique and elegant touch to your home or business him.