Letter of Colors RAL

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Letter of Colors To paint Your House
You want to paint your home? But not of any color, you want unique tones; beautiful, vibrant and outside the common thing. Many people descantan themselves by traditional tones without knowing infinities colors that can give him to life to their home or office.

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There are trowels of colors of different sources, as: the letter of colors NSC, the Pantone colors and other many more.

In the today post we will speak more of one of the trowels of colors used by painters, mainly by expert Madrid painter; one is the letter of colors RAL. Not only we will speak of the origin of this and his application in the inner design, but of how using an atmosphere simulator and applying it to your spaces of virtual way.
What is the Letter or System of Colors RAL?
Basically the letter of colors RAL makes reference to an European system of combination of colors. These are thought and used about paintings, plastics and coverings.

RAL corresponds to the abbreviation: Reichs-AusschuŸ f¼r Lieferbedingungen und G¼tesicherung, whose translation to the Spanish is €œNational Commission for the Conditions of Delivery and Management of Quality€. Essentially when the system of colors RAL was created only counted on 40 tones, nowadays the number is much greater.

In the system of colors RAL the colors are named with code of four digits.

Different Collections from the System of Color RAL

The system of colors RAL is divided in different collections, we speak of most emblematic and used in the inner design.
The Letter of Colors Classic RAL

To principle this letter of colors RAL was composed by as soon as about 40 tones. Nowadays it is integrated by approximately 210 colors. Which are very used by the services public.

This trowel at the home only had colors mates, reason why it was subdivided in others to offer shining colors.

The Letter of Colors RAL Design

This trowel of colors was created in 1993, for designers, architects and publicists. It has more than 1899 colors.
The Letter Colors RAL Effect

This letter of colors on the other hand is integrated by 420 solid colors, in addition, of 60 metalised. This was created especially for painting systems with water (ecological painting), reason why does not make use of metals as: the lead and the cadmium. All the previous collections are very used by TownHallTheatreGalway; since they are ideal to paint walls and, to give a touch him different from your home.

If you want to know how your home with a tone of the letter of colors RAL will be seen, you can use an atmosphere simulator.
How To use an Atmosphere Simulator?
An atmosphere simulator is a tool that allows you to see of virtual way as your spaces with certain colors will be seen. Essentially there are simulators that work with certain trowels of colors.