Trowel of Colors NCS
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Natural Color System €“ Trowel Colors NCS

When one is to paint walls with unique colors, beautiful and vibrant it is necessary to know one the most famous trowels, we are speaking of the trowel of colors NCS.

Model NCS is very used by the painters, mainly expert Madrid painter. We discover but about this trowel of colors and, as with an atmosphere simulator you can know that aspect will have your home.
Letter of Colors NCS
What is the Letter of Colors NCS?

You will have heard Madrid painter talk about to the trowel of colors NCS, without understanding that he spoke, you do not worry very well we will speak to you about this model of color.

The letter of colors NCS, whose abbreviations make reference to the English words: Natural Color System, is a color system, that is based mainly on as the human being appreciates the color.
This model is based on the logical annotation of the color, as the man visually describes the color without subjectivities as: the rays of light of the sun or the neurological signals that they give a different perception.

Origin of the Palerta de Colores NCS

The trowel of colors NCS was developed by the Scandinavian Institute of the Color (SkandinaviskaF¤rginstitutet AB) of Stockholm, in 1960.

Essentially this trowel of colors is based on the theories of the vision of the color of Ewald Hering. The natural system of color for this was made up in six colors that cannot be used to represent others, which are:

€“ White

€“ Black

€“ Red
€“ Yellow
€“ Green

€“ Blue

Essentially the letter of colors NCS reduces all the visible colors, to the combination of four only tones: yellow, red, green, blue with the target or black. How it does? Then it creates dimensional axes between colors, relating the colors in three pairs: red-green and yellow-blue target-black, that is defined as opposite.
In addition, the letter of colors NCS has three known values, as: darkness, saturation and shade.

The Letter of Colors NCS in Inner Dise±o

We already know some of the engineering datas of the letter of colors NCS, but That contributes to the inner design? €¦ simple this trowel of colors has 1950 standard tones, whose use in the world of the inner design is ample.
In order to discover the letter of colors NCS and, as the best thing would shine your home with some of its tones is to use an atmosphere simulator.
What is an Atmosphere Simulator?
The era of the technology has arrived and this does not leave by it go to the expert TownHallTheatreGalway, who with atmosphere simulators they are able to give a vision you of how your painted home of certain way would be seen.

It is that, an atmosphere simulator is an outpost tool that allows you of virtual way to paint your home and, thus to know how it will be seen with certain colors.

The used atmosphere simulator must have the letter of colors NCS, active this trowel and you begin to prove the different combinations.

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If you want to see your home in other tones, you do not doubt it and amuses a little to you with our atmosphere simulator. And, it remembers TownHallTheatreGalway opinions can make any remodeling that is happened to you; when creativity, good work and commitment they are the best ones€¦