Painting types and Their Typical

In this article we will make a review by the concept of painting types and its typical, his use, advantages and disadvantages. Before painting a surface or painting a wall, ceiling or a facade of a house it is important to know the painting types and their typical, independent of their composition serve to protect the surface of possible corrosive agents, in addition to having it and to give color him, the different painting classes are composed by binder, dissolvent and pigments that are what it gives color him, additionally ask to take different additives as for example the one that accelerates the drying process, between the most used are the following.

Painting To Temple

To paint Madrid floor painting warms up

The painting to the weather, has as dissolvent to the water and pigments plaster or sulphate of calcium, of all the painting classes this is one of economic for being of low quality, the disadvantage of this painting class is that he is not washable, does not resist the humidity and when rosar it is stained.

Plastic painting

to paint Madrid houses washable plastic painting

However the plastic painting, is better alternative, fact with acrylic resins or plastic, it has an ample range of colors, are even possible to be personalized the colors, as far as finished his can be shining, satin or mate, to comparison to paintings to the weather, these are washable and impermeable, perfect to paint walls and ceilings.
The synthetic enamels are made of synthetic resins and oils that are diluted with turpentine spirit or dissolvent, are perfect to apply in surfaces of metal or wood reason why it takes a special additive to avoid the corrosion, reason why they are ideal for exteriors. These are some of the painting types and their characteristics, is possible to paint all surface, but it is necessary to know that surface class is to choose the correct painting. It discovers the painting types that can use to paint your house with PINTURASKAR.

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