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You take to time oyendo to speak of ecological paintings? As ecological TownHallTheatreGalway we offer all type of services of ecological painting (local commercial, particular offices, interiors, community of vecions, facades, houses etc€¦)

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Dot your House with Ecological TownHallTheatreGalway

In PINTURASKAR we want to put within reach of all some paintings of high quality that they respect, as much our health as our environment. We offer a different alternative in ecological paintings and natural for interior and outside, furniture of garden, infantile use, for the sustainable construction, free varnishes and of electromagnetic and antiallergic loads. The conventional paintings and varnishes contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) that can have injurious effects on the environment and the health.

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Dot Your House With Ecological Painting

Therefore, some brands of painting commercialize for years denominated ecological paintings. These products are made up of raw materials of vegetal and/or mineral origin that contaminate neither in their production nor in its application. In addition, specific paintings and varnishes for people with problems of allergies make. In order to distinguish them, it is necessary search the European eco-label, that it guarantees the absence of toxic substances. We are ecological painters in all our works, always respecting the environment.

Ecological painter of Houses

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The chemical contamination in the home is a serious problem of public health before which an immediate answer is necessary, mainly considering that the western population happens of average near a 90% of its time in closed spaces, much of which is in the own address. Actually, it is very little what it is being made to protect the population, specialmente to protect to more vulnerable sectors to this problem such as the pregnant women or the children. This serious problem has been caused essentially by the inefficient control that has prevailed in the scope of the design and commercialization of the chemical substances.

To secure a Home without Toxic is not As Complicated As It seems

Ecological painting For Your House, Floor and Community

We demand the Administration measured urgent and concrete to suitably protect the health of the citizens against the serious sanitary threat that represents the presence of very detrimental toxic substances in many materials and products that are used in the homes. All our paintings we are Ecological Paintings Madrid, likes to maintain a clean home and without toxic, after our works. We are your ecological solution in all the types of painting works.

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