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TownHallTheatreGalway Frequent Questions

How Due To prepare is the Zone Before Home To paint?

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Frequent questions: If your intensity is to paint your house you know How due to prepare is the zone before home to paint? , it is important the previous works to the painted one, to take an order and to be meticulous in this will do easier the work to you, independent of the surface class that is going away to paint is necessary to protect the atmosphere of possible painting spots. In the case of painting walls and ceilings it is necessary to cover with body tape socles, in the case of the power outlets and points of light before covering with the tape the best thing it is than you retire the embellecedor. If the wall to paint has a window covers the frame with the tape that is where it can have contact with the painting and covers the window with paper or plastic thus is more protecting, mainly when the ceiling is painted, can fall some drops. In the case of the ground the best thing is to cover it completely and to protect the corners therefore can very well be journeyed by all the atmosphere without fear to that it is stained. How due to prepare is the zone before home to paint? First with patience and carefully so that it is not any space that is not going away to paint without protection, the painting and the accessories ten by hand as brushes, spare parts, rollers, if stairs are necessary, etc.

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How Treatment the Fungi in the Walls Guinea fowl?

A one of the most common problems that it presents wall is the undesirable fungi or mould, you know How treatment the fungi in the walls guinea fowl? , but you know how to solve it we left some advice you very simple here to follow and to eliminate them definitively. The fungi or mould on the wall take place more than nothing because a high humidity index exists in the atmosphere because of the condensation, something detrimental for the health, mainly for people with respiratory problems, or also by a breakage of a pipe, then it is necessary to detect the problem to solve it from the root. If the fungi take place by the condensation of the water the solution is to more often ventilate the room, this problem is more often in winter, another solution is to place a deshumificador, help to eliminate the humidity in less time, avoiding the evils majors. But How treatment the fungi in the walls guinea fowl? , easy, the zone affected with a special cleaner, a antimould is due to clean or cleaner fungicide, although you do not get to clear the spots absolutely, at least you would clear more of 90% avoiding its proliferation, is possible also to be used lye to 10% but they ten well-taken care of with using this because it can get to fade the painting of the wall, finally if you are going to return to paint uses painting anti-mould.

Frequent questions

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