Painting Ground Capital Epoxi Madrid
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Client: Painting Ground Capital Epoxi Madrid

I look for budget to paint painting ground epoxi in a bar in Capital Madrid of some 60m2 in red color. I would like to receive an idea of prices to define exactly that type of coating I can do. I do not meet the types very well painting who exist (epoxi is painting or another type) and gustaria me who you oriented a little to me. I look for professional painters that they have experience in that. For any explanation, please you do not doubt in contacting with me. A greeting and thank you very much.

Some photos of works carried out in painting for ground epoxi. The works we have realised in 2 days.

In PINTURASKAR we carried out painting works epoxi for nonskid grounds and surfaces. We can offer the best solution for your ground of bar, garage and car park.